Rock Sugar, formerly Detroit Indie Wedding, is an alternative wedding event held in Metro Detroit. Founded in 2013, our event is a unique experience designed to help engaged couples connect with local vendors that can help bring their bespoke wedding to life. Participating vendors have a chance to talk directly with couples that are looking for something a little different, more unique or handmade.

Our mission is to elevate DIY weddings as an alternative to a big-box event, and to support and encourage small craft business by providing a place for them to reach brides who are looking for it.



RockSugar occurs annually in Michigan. Our last event was at Black Barn Wedding Venue on March 11, 2018. Keep an eye on our Instagram for announcements for upcoming events. 



Vendors who make and sell their own original, handmade wedding products, artisanal food, unique services or handmade supplies for weddings are invited to apply. We like to feature single independent owners, however we know there are many local small businesses that are looking to sell to indie brides. If you are a small business that is larger than a single owner, you may want to consider being a sponsor of our event.

We do NOT accept vendors that sell corporate products or anything of the mass-produced nature. We prefer it greatly if you have experience working in the wedding industry or currently marketing to local indie brides/grooms.



Before each show, we have a 3-month application period open to ALL vendors. A $10, non-refundable application fee, is due with application submission. Applications that do not include a paid fee will be automatically disqualified and will not be judged. 

Incomplete or unpaid applications will be automatically disqualified. No late applications will be accepted. No exceptions. Please do not e-mail us asking if you can apply late.



RockSugar is a curated show. Vendors are carefully selected based on quality, originality, uniqueness and their price point. If you’ve applied to our last event and didn’t get in, please feel encouraged to apply for this event. Please understand that we cannot accept every vendor who applies. Participating in one event does not mean you will be selected for the next one.

Table rental fees and booth spaces vary from show to show, depending on the venue. This information is always made available during the 3-month application periods.

Vendors may partner up to share a table. To apply with a partner, fill out the application once. Make sure to write the business names of ALL companies on the application. Include information and photos from all businesses. Then pick one person to be your e-mail and address contact.

Vendors who are not accepted are placed on a waiting list.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to make the event. All fees – application and vendors – are non-refundable once they reach us.



Cost varies from show to show, but we do our best to make our show the most affordable wedding show in Michigan. 

Payment information and deadlines for your booth fee is included in your acceptance notice.

Booth fees, sponsorship money, magazine space, rentals, and any other additional payments are non-refundable. No exceptions.



Important dates will be listed here when we are planning a show. 



We want to know what you’re all about and seek to understand your services as if we are a couple who would like to hire you for our wedding.

You may sell products at the event and provide consultations for your services to attendees. We would prefer if the items you sell are wedding-related. (i.e., if you sell jewelry, bring and sell your ‘bridal collection’ instead of your ‘everyday wearables’ collection.) State exactly what you plan to offer– and include everything you will bring – on your application. Vendor quality is very important to us, so we would love to hear about why people like working with you and what makes your business different and unique. This is your chance to brag! You are only allowed to sell what was accepted in your application – and any items that were not included in your application may be removed from the event.

High-quality photos are your absolute best chance for acceptance. You must include photos with your application, and we recommend sending all five.

Make sure your photos are high-res, in-focus and showcase the breadth of your products.

Finally, five images mean five single images. Do not bend the rules by providing photo collages of your work. Five images are enough for us to get an idea of your work without being overwhelmed.

If you’ve read the entire FAQs and cannot find an answer to your question, please contact hello@rocksugarevent.com with the subject line “VENDOR QUESTION”



RockSugar seeks independent sponsors for mutually-beneficial partnerships. We love to work with local businesses that can help add something special to our event.

Interested in learning more about sponsorship? Please contact hello@rocksugarevent.com with the subject line “SPONSOR REQUEST”



For any other questions, please direct them to Angela at hello@rocksugarevent.com

Please make sure to read the entire FAQs before contacting us.